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CLARITY Technique

ETC Technology

RNA detection with CLARITY

Analysis Using CLARITY

  • Manipulating a "cocaine engram" in mice H-L Hsiang, JR Epp, MC van den Oever, C Yan, AJ Rashid, N Insel, L Ye, Y Niibori, K Deisseroth, PW Frankland, and SA Josselyn. The Journal of Neuroscience 2014, 34(42): 14115-14127.

CLARITY of rat tissue

CLARITY of spinal cord

CLARITY of lung tissue

CLARITY of heart tissue

CLARITY of liver tissue

CLARITY of kidney tissue

CLARITY of intestines

CLARITY of the pancreas

CLARITY of mammary glands

CLARITY of ovarian tissue

CLARITY of skeletal muscle

CLARITY of embryonic tissue

CLARITY of human brain tissue

CLARITY of zebrafish

CLARITY of sea lamprey tissue

CLARITY of plants

CLARITY of organoids

Nanoparticle detection with CLARITY

CLARITY extensions, variations, and new directions

Combined CLARITY and MRI/diffusion tensor imaging


Tissue clearing review articles